ZKSoftware in IFSEC exhibition, India

Author: Serena       Source: ZKSoftware

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ZKSoftware and its India business partner jointly attended the Bmbay India 2011 IFSEC exhibition from November 23rd to 25th. This exhibition is the biggest international security exhibition in India. More than 300 from all over the world participated.

ZK Software, one of the leading security and time solution providers in the world, exhibited its latest security products, including professional controller C3 series, InBio access controller series and multi-biometric face and fingerprint identification terminals, such as iFace302, iFace202, iFace102, Multi-bio700 with high-speed algorithm and the unique design of the latest face recognition VF300. After field testing of VF300, dealers all happy with the amazing speed! ZK also showed series of new products under premium brand ZKTeco, such as TF1700, DS100, Biopad100, FR1200. This joint exhibition with ZK India business partner in IFSEC, enhanced the brand of ZKSoftware profoundly and strengthen the cooperative relationship with Local Partner.